Move to More – New Collaroy Chiropractor


This is a quick update on some BIG news that a lot of you have been wanting to hear…

But first, some History: The word ‘Chiropractic’ loosely translates as meaning “done by hand”.

The term originates from the Greek words “cheir” meaning ‘hand’ and “praxis” meaning ‘to practice’ or ‘to do’…


Chiropractic is my second major career, with a previous 16 years in Engineering. This culminated in running my own engineering consultancy, which did alright, and gave an opportunity to consider what I might like to do ‘when I grow up’…

The answer was simple, start a journey to explore the world beyond our current limits, find something more and then share it with everyone.

This new adventure led to selling my house, going back to university again for another Bachelor and a Masters degree, finishing a year long internship and becoming a registered Doctor of Chiropractic. That was 12 years ago.


Why Chiropractic?

The original intent of Chiropractic, as described in the founder’s old lexicon, is to ‘remove interference to the full expression of life’, and ‘reunite the person with the best version of themselves’.

The intent carries with it an implicit two-fold understanding. First, that more exists for everyone, and that the something more is to be found within our selves.

Plus, as an engineer, I was captivated by the latest science showing how this occurs in our bodies.

During the past 12 years (and 5 weeks…) I’ve been searching, studying and developing to provide for that two fold understanding in a scientifically valid, safe (and fun) manner. So you can experience and benefit from that something more you possess within.

In these last 5 weeks every single moment has been spent finalising our biggest opportunity yet. Building the most beautiful practice I can for the Northern Beaches. Carefully restoring a portion of the former Collaroy Westpac Building to showcase the elegance of its ‘Georgian revival style architecture’.

I did it all by hand, with a lot of love. I did it for you.


foundation collaroy chiropractor


And it’s now complete. A place where you can find more. Located centrally on the Northern Beaches. Come and discover the new space, now that it’s filled with more, for you.

Foundation Neuro-Structural Chiropractic,
your new Collaroy Chiropractor.


Foundation Neuro-Structural Chiropractic is now located at:
1121 Pittwater Rd, Collaroy Beach.
(in the Aroma Ki Day Spa building, corner of Pittwater Rd and Collaroy St).


Phone  9982 2446 to book an appointment.


See you soon,
Dr Andrew Maher.