Move to More – New Collaroy Chiropractor

This is the BIG news* that many have been waiting to hear…


*Actually, this post is now OLD news, we’re now in a new,
even better Mona Vale Chiropractic space. That I also built.
But this blog post has been left here for history’s sake…
CLICK HERE for the new Mona Vale build.

Some History:  The word ‘Chiropractic’ loosely translates as meaning ‘Done by hand’.

The term originates from the Greek words ‘cheir’ meaning ‘hand’, and ‘praxis’ meaning ‘to practice’ or ‘to do’…


Chiropractic is my second career. With a previous 16 years in Engineering which culminated in running my own engineering consultancy. That consultancy did well enough to provide an opportunity to invest in something bigger.

Instead of taking the usual path and invest to build my personal wealth, I decided to invest in the enrichment of humanity .

This led to selling my house, going back to university again for another Bachelor and a Masters degree, and finish a year long internship to become a registered Doctor of Chiropractic. That was back in 2005.


Why Chiropractic?

The original intent of Chiropractic, can be stated in today’s language as ‘Removing interference to the full expression of life, and reuniting people with the best version of themselves’.

That intent carries with it an implicit two-fold understanding that…

1) Something more exists for everyone

2) That the ‘more’ is to be found from within our selves


…Perfect for discovering the full potential of both the individual and humanity.


Also, as an engineer, the latest science showing the mechanisms by which this shift occurs in our bodies was captivating.

Since that time I have focused all my resources on developing and building a service that provides the original intent, in a scientifically valid, safe and rewarding manner.

Over a 5 week period, every spare moment and ounce of passion was poured into building the most beautiful practice I could for the Northern Beaches by renovating a portion of the old Collaroy Bank building to showcase the elegance of its 90 year old architecture.

I did it all by hand, with a lot of love, and I did it for you.


foundation collaroy chiropractor

A space where you can discover more. Where you can be more.

Located in the heart of the Northern Beaches. Come and see what we’ve created. Become a part of something more.

Foundation Neurostructural Chiropractic,
your new Collaroy (Mona Vale) Chiropractor.


Foundation Neurostructural Chiropractic is now located at:
7 / 11 Bungan St, Mona Vale.
(Above Three Wishes, enty next to Beach Optique).

Be kind to yourself, phone 7204 7722 to book an appointment.


With Love,
Dr Andrew Maher