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I often hear, “I love what you do, I tell people about it all the time”.

It happened again recently, “I want everyone to experience this, I can’t stop talking about it!”  When I asked what was ‘talked about’, the reply was very familiar, “Well, what you do is hard to explain”.


The Northern Beaches are talking about the Foundation Neurostructural Chiropractic…

But no one knows what to say!


If I can share one thing with you, it’s that a course of Neurostructural Optimisation doesn’t add something you don’t already have.  This gentle process teaches your system to resolve the patterns of stress that stop you enjoying the most your life can offer…  The feelings you experience and the benefits you enjoy are because of what we liberate from within.

There are many ways to explain why Neurostructural Optimisation might obtain profound results, some quite complicated.  We can explain it through evolutionary biology, functional neurology and polyvagal theory.  We can also look at the neuro-matrix theories of the latest pain science.  Or even via Prigogine’s Nobel Prize winning work on complex self-organising living systems and chaos theory.  These are all valid and applicable, but let us start with a simple metaphor…


The past is a heavy load to keep carrying into the future.


Picture yourself traveling along the journey of life, wearing a backpack.  As you walk along your path of life you experience events. Sometimes the experiences are helpful and useful for moving forward.  Other experiences might not be so helpful.  Sometimes you successfully toss those physical, mental-emotional stresses over your shoulder and leave them behind, but often we don’t.  They get stuck, in the backpack, and weigh us down like rocks.  Of course, the backpack is just a metaphor, we really hold these past stresses, and traumas throughout our whole body.  Where they can show up as tension, pain, fatigue, even a just a sense of being ‘stuck’.


Your unresolved stresses from the past are like a backpack full of rocks weighing you down


You might not notice this at first, because the rocks can accumulate gradually your whole life, one here and one there.  Until you arrive where you’re at now.  Trying your best to put one foot in front of the other and get on with living life, but loaded down with a backpack full of rocks and not where you want to be. The real catch is that, up until this point, most of us don’t even know the rocks are there, so you think it’s normal for life to be such a struggle…

It isn’t. Life can be easier, it can be more rewarding, more meaningful, more like how you want it to be.


What if you could be free of  what’s weighing you down?


How different could your life be if it wasn’t held back by the past?  Lighter, less effort, more joy?  You can travel a lot further to along your journey when life is less effort and more joy.

This isn’t to say your future will be hurdle free.  But even if the path ahead does throw up challenges, you’ll find it easier to leap the hurdles when you’re not loaded down by a backpack full of rocks.

It could be said that Foundation Neurostructural Optimisation helps you ‘remove the rocks from your backpack’.


If removing the rocks from your backpack seems too simple a metaphor, try this…


Those ‘rocks in your backpack’ that weigh you down are a metaphor for unresolved stress.  The accumulation of Physically Retained Stress inhibits your nervous system’s ability to maintain the necessary level of health.  This shifts your body shifts out of balance, eventually leading to the secondary conditions like chronic tension, fatigue and pain that frustrate your life.

Conversely, the ease of breath and the light, floating relaxation you feel during a Neurostructural adjustment, are indicators your system is resolving the Physically Retained Stress (removing the rocks) and finding a new level of ease, alignment and health.


Neurostructural Optimisation and improved Quality of Life…


Neurobiologists at the Medical College of the University of California, followed more than 2800 patients from Australia, U.S.A, Canada and South America who received this gentle care for between three months and three years.  Their published research¹ associated this care with statistically significant improvements in:

Physical Well-Being
Stress Levels
Emotional and Psychological Well-Being
Life Enjoyment
Lifestyle Changes
Overall Quality of Life.


A nervous system free from Physically Retained Stress is your foundation for a better life.


Be kind to yourself, book your complimentary 15 minute introductory consult.  It’s a no obligation conversation to discuss where you’re at and discover if our solution might help you get back to living life.  I look forward to seeing you soon.


Kind Regards,

Dr Andrew Maher


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This and other published research can be found here…