Crisis to Opportunity for Mona Vale ©


It’s been about twelve months since life as we knew it was pulled out from under our feet. We were told to retreat into our cocoons in an effort to create some sense of safety in this scary ‘new normal’..


Sure, cocoons might be safe, but the actual purpose of cocoons is transformation. And, anyhow if you see the cocoon’s purpose as only one of safety you’ll tend toward inaction, stagnation and paralysis. This leaves you stuck in the old ordinary, never to fully emerge. But by looking at that cocoon as a space for transformation, we can turn crisis into opportunity.


If you have been wanting to make changes in your life then you might find it’s more helpful think of ‘the new normal’ as being ‘not the old ordinary’. We can always make excuses for not changing the old ordinary… The anxiety of the upheaval, the effort of breaking the inertia of what was, or the unknowns of shifting out of your comfort zone.


However, you might have noticed over the last twelve months that many of those reasons to avoid making changes aren’t so real anymore. Upheavals are a given, the inertia of the what was no longer exists, and unknowns are a daily part of life.


Crisis causes fear. Fear can cause us to freeze up and this last year has thrown a lot at us. But did you know that the Greek root of the word ‘crisis’ actually means ‘a turning point to decide a different direction’. So a crisis is really the perfect opportunity to decide a different direction. To emerge from your cocoon, spread your wings and live the life you have imagined.


Crisis also brings uncertainty, so it’s understandable that even if you want change, you haven’t already decided which direction to take… We need a degree of certainty to be able to move forward constructively in life… Air, water, food, connection, freedom, health, a place to call home. Knowing these basics exist provide us with a little certainty to decide.


We also require certainty in something meaningful. It gives us a direction to to aim for, to move toward and invest ourselves into. This is actually more important than many of those basic needs. You can have more money, resources and freedoms than you know what to do with, but if you lack a sense of meaning and direction, your life can crumble in to an abysse of self destruction.


So what do we do in this current climate when the only thing certain is uncertainty? Easy… You make that inevitability of change as the thing you are certain about. Ironically, this gives you something very specific to focus on, because we all know the most important quality required to thrive in times of uncertainty and change… Adaptability.


“It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.”


Adaptability is the single most important necessity to get through uncertain times. Your single greatest asset when is comes to adaptability is a clear nervous system. But, because of how the modern world confuses our nervous system, it’s highly likely you’re not as adaptable as you could be.


This is fairly simple situation to correct, once you know how. And it’s certainly worth investing in because, with a clear adaptable nervous system, you’ll be able to discover just how easy it to turn crisis into an opportunity.


…That’s why we are offering a series of presentations on adaptability and Building Certainty in a Time of Crisis. These are free for patients, and we encourage you to bring a friend who might also benefit.

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