Even Greater Generation ©

Searching on google to ascertain what ‘generation’ my 2 year old nephew would be assigned to, revealed lists of named ‘generations’ going back quite a way.

We all know about, ‘Millennials’, ‘Gen Y’, ‘Gen X’. And we’ve had Late Baby Boomers, Early Baby Boomers and before them the Silent Generation…

Then we get to the Greatest Generation.

This group of people were said to be born into a world of rapid technological advances, soaring economy and increasing income inequality. They then suffered a massive stockmarket crash and the economic and social struggles that followed.

Although our current situation hasn’t played out to a similar conclusion (yet?), this does sound eerily familiar.
The reason this generation has been anointed as the Greatest is that, despite their privations, they were willing to lay down their lives for people they had never even met.

Two days ago, on ANZAC day, we stood for a minute in silence and remembered the actions of that generation with reverence.

If, in the future, my nephew ever has his own children I hope they will find cause to revere the manner in which we carry ourselves though this time, and though any challenges that follow in its wake.

With Love,