Dr Andrew Maher Mona Vale ChiropractorDr Andrew Maher
Neurostructural Chiropractor
Mona Vale

Before Chiropractic I was an engineer with my own consultancy. This afforded me the freedom to engage in high energy activities like rock climbing, snowboarding, Jiu Jitsu, racing cars and motorbikes.

I built my consultancy on the philosophy of finding the underlying cause of my client’s problems, then creating an elegant solution that solved them.

While competing in a high speed motorsport event I sustained a serious spinal injury which left me dealing with a decade of chronic pain and tension. Nothing seemed to help, until I happened upon the only Chiropractor in Sydney who used a very unique, gentle technique.

After only 3 months under his care my pain had totally disappeared, and was replaced with a flexibility I hadn’t felt since competing as a gymnast in my teens.

Even more remarkable were the improvements in mental clarity and focus, more energy and a resilience to stress. It was like I connected with my better self and was given a fresh start on life.

Furthering this work and making it more available to the community seemed like a worthy adventure. So I sold my house, scaled back my business and went back to University for more than 5 years to do another Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. My passion for this work’s potential also saw me learning from genius Chiropractors, indigenous healers and cutting edge scientists across the world.

Then I brought it all back here, living and serving on The Northern beaches for the last 12 years, so you can explore your own potential, in my beautiful Mona Vale practice.

Life now has a little less motorsport and a bit more meditation, but it’s still high energy, it’s still an adventure, and I welcome you to join me in discovering your own elegant solution.