What if it’s about more than pain…

How about those times when everything simply aligns?

You’re healthy, energised, and effortlessly achieving.

That’s why we’re here, for more of that…

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We focus on Neuro-Structural Optimisation.
A process that gently teaches your body to self-correct and realign. Without forceful cracking or twisting.

The life you’re experiencing and how your body currently feels are a direct reflection of what’s happening in your nervous system.

Foundation combines contemporary neuroscience with your body’s natural healing ability to offer a
fresh, scientific solution to holistic healthcare.

Conventional chiropractors and physical therapies typically focus on temporary pain relief, increasing range of motion or reducing muscular spasm, and can have good results with these Secondary Conditions.

Foundation focuses on the PRIMARY Condition

You may be experiencing one or more of these Secondary Conditions:

Muscle tension

Fatigue and low energy



Poor posture

Recurring injuries

Restricted joint movement

Anxiousness or difficulty focusing

Disconnection and lack of clarity

Reduced performance, delayed recovery

Feeling stuck, seeking more in life


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There is a PRIMARY Condition underlying all of these…  



Everyone understands the importance of keeping things in tune. If your car isn’t running optimally or lacking ‘get up and go’, it’s time for a tune up. Leaving it out of tune leads to costly secondary conditions, major repairs, or worse.
Your body also gets knocked out of tune, often, due to daily wear and tear. Fortunately you have a nervous system that should automatically balance and align your body without you even being aware of it. This ability to quickly balance is the Foundation for a healthy, happy life.
However, certain situations in life overpower, exhaust or confuse your self-correcting ability, leaving your system stuck in a sub-optimal state. Never really getting on top of life.
This is called a Neuro-Structural Shift. Overtime, this inability to self-correct to an optimal state compromises health, leading to a myriad of Secondary Conditions (some listed above) and sabotaging the life you really want to live.
Indicators of Neuro-Structural Shifts include physical tension, chronic pain, structural imbalances, alterations in how your body functions and changes to its clarity of sensory perception. Including simply lacking your usual ‘get up and go’.
Learn more here about Neuro-Structural Shifts and how they weaken your Foundation of Health…

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The human body is a self-organising system that builds its own parts. This depends on a healthy, clear nervous system



Researched and refined over 30 years, Foundation’s unique Neuro-Structural Optimisation works with your body to address the Primary Condition.

Instead of forceful cracking and twisting, Neuro-Structural Optimisation uses sequences of precise fingertip inputs, applied to specific points along the spine. These inputs bring your brain’s attention to Neuro-Structural Shifts and teach it self-correct.

Resolving Neuro-Structural Shifts provides your nervous system with the clarity and strategies it requires for health and quality of life. You become an active participant in this process, gaining greater awareness of how subtle movements and changes in breath assist your body to unwind and optimise.





Peer reviewed published research found here shows this process may reduce pain, tension, anxiety, illness, headaches, depression, and reliance on medications. Improving energy, focus, posture, flexibility, relaxation, resilience, relationships and confidence.


The Research

The medical college of Irvine 
University studied more than 2800 patients receiving this gentle work. Finding it provides statistically significant improvements with:

– Physical State

– Mental-Emotional state

– Response to stress

– Overall Quality of Life

Other published Research performed at
University of Southern California has been investigating how this work improves nervous system coherence. Creating a more robust and efficient nervous system. Further studies are also occurring across 6 other Universities.

References to more ground breaking science and information about the benefits of Neuro-Structural Optimisation can be found here…


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