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How we help you from Pain and Stress to Health 

On this page you will find out what to expect as a first patient and discover the concepts behind  


What to expect as a new patient

The best way to learn about how we help is to book your Complimentary Introductory Consult on the contact page. We will organise a convenient time for your consult.

1) The first step is to sit together and discuss your current health concerns, your history, and the results you want. Our priority is to ensure you are heard and understood and we have all the information we need.

2) After we have gathered that information, if Andrew feels he can help you, we can proceed with the paid Neurstructural Assessment. This includes a comprehensive, Physiological Screen, 3D Biostructural Assessment, Neurological Evaluation and Segmental Spinal Analysis. This requires removal of shoes only.

3) The assessment findings will be assembled and explained to you. Our Priority is now to ensure you understand what we have found and how it relates to your concerns.

4) Due to our inherently gentle care, we will proceed with your first Neurostructural Adjustment after the assessment. 

5) Using the  assessment results and your response to the first adjustment, we design your personalised Immersive Initial Care Plan. Your care plan will include Adjustments, Rehabilitation Exercises, Breathwork and Complementary Health Recommendations as required.






How did you get into your current situation,  and what is the logical path to get you where you want to be?




A key understanding that Dr Andrew saw this time again, in his former career as an engineer, is that “quick fixes” and “patch-up jobs” never last, they always end up costing more money, and they don’ t address the real problem. It still returns, often at the worst possible time.

Another understanding  that is necessary, if you want to put these symptoms behind you, is that those symptoms are actually Secondary Conditions caused by the underlying Primary Condition.

Foundation doesn’t do patch up jobs, we focus on the Primary Condition.

That Primary Condition is called Physically Retained Stress.


Chronic pain


Poor posture

Fatigue and low energy

Recurring injuries

Restricted joint movement

Anxious, lack of clarity

Disconnected, trouble focusing

Reduced performance, slow recovery

Feeling stuck in life

Mona Vale Chiropractor Back Pain

These symptoms can be mistakenly viewed as separate problems, but it’s important to understand there’s an underlying condition common to all of them…

Physically Retained Stress

Conventional chiropractors and therapists focus on temporary pain relief, increasing range of motion or reducing the spasm, often achieving good results.

At Foundation, we focus on the Physically Retained Stress.

People think of “stress” as being overworked, traffic jams, bills to pay etc. These may be events that trigger stress, but the stress is the way your body responds to the event.

The first way  stress shows up in your body is as tension.  The first place stress shows up is the spine.

Modern life gives us many reasons to be stressed. It’s a normal physical response. The real problems begin when that stress gets stuck and accumulates in the body past it’s use-by date.

This is Physically Retained Stress. It not only distorts your physical structure causing tension and pain, it also alters the function of your organ systems, effects your thoughts, behaviours and quality of life.

Indicators of Physically Retained Stress include chronic tension, postural imbalances, reduced physical or mental performance and a general lack of “get up and go”.

Learn more about PRS.

Clear Your Physically Retained Stress

Researched and refined over 30 years, Foundation’s unique Neurostructural Optimisation works with your body to address Physically Retained Stress.

Instead of forceful cracking and twisting, Neurostructural Optimisation uses sequences of precise fingertip contacts, applied gently to specific points along the spine.

It’s a guided process,  empowering you to be an active participant in your healing, as you discover subtle movements and breathing patterns to resolve physically retained stress.

Your nervous system learns to clear physically retained stress that underlies symptoms. Your body is then free to self-correct and re-balance from the inside out – so you can get back to life.

Learn more about the process.

mona vale physical therapists
  • Gentle Chiropractic, NO forceful cracking or twisting
  • Thorough Consult and Neurostructural assessment
  • Immersive Care Plan designed to your specific requirements
  • Complementary rehab, breathwork and recommendations
  • Supported by peer reviewed, published research (see below)
  •  Relaxing 30 minute sessions
  • Conveniently located in Mona Vale

How to Get Started…


1) Connect to learn how we help

Schedule your complimentary Introductory consult.  This is a no obligation conversation to learn more about your concerns and how we can help (approx. 20 minutes).


2) Neurostructural Assessment

If you’re a fit for what we provide and wish to  proceed, we will then complete a  thorough Neurostructural assessment, ($90) which includes your first adjustment.


3) Personalised Immersive Plan

Using the assessment results, we design your personalised Immersive Care Plan. Including specific adjustments, breathwork, and complementary health recommendations.

What the Science Says…

Two groundbreaking peer reviewed journal papers about the technologies and protocols behind Foundation’s Neurostructural Optimisation

Mona Vale Health

Quality of Life Improvements

This research by University of California Irvine Medical College studied over 2800 patients receiving this gentle type of care.

The study reported improvements with:
– Physical and Mental-Emotional Well Being,
– Response to Stress,
– Life Enjoyment,
– Overall Quality of Life.

Results demonstrated 76% of patients improved across all categories assessed. With no limit on the improvements even after three years of care. 99% of patient’s reported a wish to continue with their care.

Mona Vale Back Pain

Nervous System Tune-Up

Professor Edmund Jonckheere Ph.D. of University of Southern California investigated improvements in patients nervous systems as they were receiving this care.

Using surface electromyography (sEMG), Prof, Jonckheere monitored changes to patients spines during treatment sessions.

Researchers observed phenomenon associated with greater spinal energy efficiency and increased nervous system organisation.

This research has been presented internationally and published in the Journal of alternative and Complementary medicine.

Full References and 20 more Peer reviewed papers on our 

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