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Turning Pain and Stress into Health

  Providing Mona Vale and the Northern Beaches
with a unique gentle solution for you to shift  from
pain, tension and fatigue and get back to your life


From Pain and Stress to Health

Wherever you’re at in your journey, from pain and stress to discovering your full potential for health and life, we aim to meet you where you’re at, and then assist you in attaining your goals.


This is not a typical list of “Frequently Asked Questions”.

This is more a list of “Frequently Helpful Concepts”… You will learn about you, your health concerns, how stress becomes the primary condition underlying most of those concerns, and how we solve that problem in a manner the keeps delivering into the future.  Plus links to supporting peer reviewed science.

These sections expand upon concepts raised on our home page, provide insights that simplify your path to true health and clarify the unique service we provide for that journey.

The final section explains what you can expect as a new patient, and how our Neurostructural Optimisation process unfolds as you find ease, energy and more of who you really want to be.


Start with Your Foundation…

Our world has changed considerably over the last century, even in the last decade. We are increasingly waking up to the value that real health can bring to our lives.

People are training at gyms, and cleaning up their diets. They’re practicing yoga and meditating; even wearing wristwatches that tell how many times they roll over during their sleep…

But there’s a fundamental piece of this puzzle many people are missing. A piece that makes it a lot easier to achieve the healthy, happy life you seek .

What’s the one thing that turns your training session into fitness; that also converts the new diet into health, and facilitates a deeper connection during yoga, while also providing the clarity you seek with meditation?

Your Nervous System.

Your nervous system evolved in nature over hundreds of millions of years. It comprises your brain and spinal cord, 70 kilometers of nerves, and more connections than there are stars in our galaxy. It’s also the first system that appears in a developing human, starting just 3 weeks after conception.

 It organises every process in your body. Your thoughts and actions, the way you look, move and feel all reflect the health of your nervous system.. A clear, healthy nervous system is the foundation you need if you wish to build a great life. If you’re not addressing your nervous system, you’re doing life the hard way.


Simplify Healing by Re-Framing Symptoms…

You might be reading this because you want to rid yourself of symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches or fatigue etc. That’s perfectly understandable. However, focusing on the symptoms actually sabotages your efforts to enjoy real lasting relief.

There is a better way…

In my previous career as an Engineer I’d often observe the use of quick fixes and patch-up jobs to keep machinery running. The quick fixes would cover up the immediate issues, for a while, but they’d always return, often worse than before, and the cycle of patching them up would continue.

The first step to eliminating these issues was to realise they’re often all occuring secondary to a common primary problem. When we shift our focus to solving this common primary problem, the secondary problems go away by themselves. Simple. 

It’s the same with your health

Realising your symptoms can all be the secondary conditions of a deeper primary condition simplifies healing. We still care about your immediate aches and pains. We just know that focusing on solving your primary condition provides the most direct path to lasting relief and getting on with living your life.

At Foundation we won’t waste your time with temporary quick-fixes. We focus on the common Primary Condition.


What to expect as a new patient

The best way to learn about how we help is to experience it for yourself. the first step is to book your Complimentary Introductory Consult

1) The Introductory Consult is a conversation. Together we will discuss your current health concerns, your history, and the results you want. Our priority is to ensure you are heard, understood and that we have all the information we need.

2) If the information we gather indicates we can help, you will have the option to proceed with the paid Neurstructural Assessment. This includes a comprehensive Physiological Screen, 3D Biostructural Assessment, Neurological Evaluation and Segmental Spinal Analysis (requires removal of shoes only).

We explain the results of this assessment ensuring you understand what we have found and how it relates to your concerns.

Due to our inherently gentle care, we can then proceed with your first Neurostructural Adjustment on this first visit (we don’t make you wait for treatment). 

3) Using the  assessment results and your response to the first adjustment, we design your personalised Immersive Care Plan. Your plan will include Adjustments, Rehabilitation Exercises, Breath work and Complementary Health Recommendations as required.


Mona Vale Health

Quality of Life Improvements

This research by University of California Irvine Medical College studied over 2800 patients receiving this gentle type of care.

The study reported improvements with:
– Physical and Mental-Emotional Well Being,
– Response to Stress,
– Life Enjoyment,
– Overall Quality of Life.

Results demonstrated 76% of patients improved across all categories assessed. With no limit on the improvements even after three years of care. 99% of patient’s reported a wish to continue with their care.

Mona Vale Back Pain

Nervous System Tune-Up

Professor Edmund Jonckheere Ph.D. of University of Southern California investigated improvements in patients nervous systems as they were receiving this care.

Using surface electromyography (sEMG), Prof, Jonckheere monitored changes to patients spines during treatment sessions.

Researchers observed phenomenon associated with greater spinal energy efficiency and increased nervous system organisation.

This research has been presented internationally and published in the Journal of alternative and Complementary medicine.

Full References and 20 more Peer reviewed papers on our