Dr Andrew Maher
Neurostructural Chiropractor
Mona Vale

“You’re not broken, you don’t need to be fixed
You contain 3.7 billion years of nature’s wisdom
It’s just lost in the noise of the modern world
But it it’s still there, it can be found
If you know where to look.”

Welcome to Foundation, glad you found us. It’s been quite a journey…

Before Chiropractic I was an engineer with my own consultancy. I built that consultancy on the philosophy of finding the underlying cause of my client’s problems, then creating an elegant solution that solved them…

That consultancy afforded me the freedom to engage in high energy activities like rock climbing, snowboarding, Jiu Jitsu, racing cars and motorbikes. While competing in a high speed motorsport event, I sustained a serious spinal injury that left me dealing with a decade of chronic pain and tension. Nothing seemed to help, until I happened upon the only Chiropractor in Sydney who used a very gentle, unique technique.

After just 3 months under his care my decade of back problems had totally disappeared and was replaced with a flexibility I hadn’t felt since competing as a gymnast in my teens.

Even more remarkable were the improvements in mental clarity and focus, increased energy and a greater resilience to life’s stresses. It was like I had been connected with my better self and was afforded a fresh start on life.

I was amazed at how such gentle work could have such a profound effect. Furthering this amazing work and making it more available to the community seemed like a worthy next chapter in the adventure of life.

So I sold my house, scaled back my engineering business and returned to University for a further five years, completing another Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and internship. All the while my passion to learn all I could about the unique gentle work, and it’s potential to help, sent me traveling around the world, learning from genius Chiropractors, indigenous healers and cutting edge scientists.

This was all a significant personal investment. However, being able to help patients experience a new level of ease in their body and be able to get on with living a better life, makes it all totally worth it.

 I have been serving the Northern Beaches for well over a decade now and enjoy being involved in many facets of our community. Life is still high energy, it’s still a journey, and I welcome you to join me in our beautiful Mona Vale Practice, where you too can discover more of your own life’s adventure.


See you soon,
Andrew Maher.